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Requesting password changes

Use this request to change passwords of all or selected accounts. The request behavior depends on your organization's configuration.

Before you begin

Consider the following points:

  • Depending on the configuration, the request to change a password might also send an automatic request to enable the accounts that are currently disabled.
  • For some systems, it might be necessary to log out and log on again to open accounts after changing the password. The administrator should provide the necessary procedure for the specific systems employed in the organization.
  • Depending on the configuration, account tables can be hidden and a password change affects all the accounts.
  • Before you define new passwords, take into consideration your organization's password policy and password strength policy.

To change passwords for all or selected accounts

  1. From the request catalog, select Password Change Request.
  2. On the Password Change Request form, select or clear the check boxes of accounts to indicate for which accounts you want to change the password; to select all of the accounts, click Select All.
  3. Enter values for the following fields:
    • Current Password — Enter your existing identity management backend password. (The current password is displayed. It is required only if the Password Configuration is set to enable it.)
    • New Password — Enter your new password.
      This password must satisfy the requirements for all the systems and applications in which you have user accounts. In addition, a history is kept of your recent passwords and will not allow you to immediately reuse a password.
    • Confirm Password — Retype the new password for verification.
  4. Click Submit Request .

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