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Internationalization and localization

This section discusses localizing BMC Service Request Management. The application is built on BMC Remedy AR System, which is a robust internationalized environment. This environment includes internal support for different character sets and a suite of features that enables administrators to produce localized applications. In addition, support is provided for a locale model in which users can specify their language and formatting preferences to have the application delivered in the style that is the most useful to them. With this model, the same application can be delivered simultaneously to different users in multiple languages.

You can localize BMC Service Request Management in the following ways:

  • You can define Navigational Categories and SRD Levels in multiple languages.
  • You can define the display properties for application object templates (AOTs), process definition templates (PDTs), and service request definitions (SRDs) in multiple languages. The display properties of these object are then automatically related to each other.
  • You can define Questions in different languages. The display properties of Questions (unlike, for example, AOTs) are not automatically tied to each other.
  • End users can see the service requests available in their own language.
  • You can define a custom date/time format. Enter the custom date/time format on the Locale tab on the AR System User Preferences form. For more information, see Defining date and time questions.

This section provides the following information:

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