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Creating service request definitions

A service request definition (SRD) is a service offering. SRDs are created by the Request Catalog Manager for the service catalog and made available to users through the Request Entry console. An SRD provides the characteristics required to facilitate the selection and execution of delivery for the service offering. This includes attributes, such as categorization, effective start and end dates, pricing information, approval and service level management criteria, as well as the definition of application objects that will support the delivery of a service.

Before you can create an SRD, you must create an application object template (AOT) for each step in a process and a process definition template (PDT) for each process in a service request.


You must have the Request Catalog Manager permission to create SRDs in the Service Catalog Manager Console. Users defined as Business Analysts with no Request Catalog Manager permissions can also view the Service Request Designer and create an SRD. However, the SRD must be assigned to a valid catalog manager name to save and then deploy it


Consider using the Service Request Designer to create and modify SRDs. 

The following topics define SRDs and describe how to create one:

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  1. Lisa Kemes

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      You must have the Service Catalog Manager permission to create SRDs

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