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Creating approver mappings

To use the Level approval processes for service requests and SRDs, you must create approver mappings. As shipped, the default Service Request approver is the requester's manager, which is based on the requester's manager information defined in the People form. The default SRD approver is the Request Catalog Manager.

Use the Approver Mappings form to set up individuals and support groups as approvers for each approval phase of service requests or SRDs, based on the approval process defined in the Approval Process Configuration form.


Only default group chains, custom chains, and Service Request Definition - Level rules use the information in the Approval Mappings form. (For information about custom chains, see Configuring custom approval chains.)

To set up approver mappings, complete the following tasks:

  1. Map approvers to approval phases.
  2. Create individual or group mappings:

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