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Configuring the Request ID link in Approval Central

In Approval Central, under Request Details, approvers can click the Request ID number to view information about the request they are approving. You can configure this link to open various forms.

The following procedure explains how to configure the Request ID link to open the SRS:RequestDetails form.

To configure a custom Request ID link in Approval Central

  1. From the IT Home Page, and select Quick Links > Approval Administration Console.
  2. Click the Forms tab.
  3. Select SRM:Request, and click View.
    The AP:Form form appears with most of the fields completed.
  4. From the Request ID Link Association field, select the Customize option
  5. Complete the fields in the AP:Customize-SourceID dialog box that appears.
    1. In the Form Name field, enter SRS:RequestDetails.
      The SRS:RequestDetails form is not in the list, so you must enter it manually.
    2. Leave the View Name field as is.
    3. From the Display Mode list, select Dialog.
    4. For Field 1, select Request Number, or enter $Request Number$.
    5. Click OK.
  6. Click Save.

Alternatively, you can select one of the following options in the Request ID Link Association field to display other BMC Service Request Management forms:

  • Application Request Form — displays the SRM:Request form
  • Approval - Application 3-Way Join Form — displays the SRM:RequestApDetailSignature form


    On the SRM:RequestApDetailSignature form, the Individual/Group field is visible. This field is for internal transaction purposes within the BMC Service Request Management product, and its value should not be changed.

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