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Configuring packages and entitlement

Entitlement enables you to control user access to services. Enterprise customers or service providers who use multi-tenancy to manage several companies can use entitlement rules to ensure that users can view only the available services that they are entitled to request. Small or medium-sized companies might not need to add the extra level of access control provided by entitlement.

Users with on-behalf-of permission for another user can see the SRDs to which the other user is entitled (except those SRDs that the on-behalf-of user cannot see because of company restrictions). Guest users can select generic services to which guests are entitled.

You can group several SRDs into a package and create an entitlement rule for that package. Using packages helps to limit the overall number of entitlement rules needed in your organization. Packages are also useful when you use multi-tenancy and are managing SRDs for more than one company.

The following topics provide instructions for configuring packages and entitlement rules:

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