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Configuring approvals for SRDs and requests

This section describes how to configure approvals for service request definitions (SRDs) and service requests.

The following topics are provided:

You configure approvals to ensure that the appropriate people review, approve, and reject SRDs and service requests. The default approval options in BMC Service Request Management are preconfigured in BMC Remedy Approval Server. The approval server is shipped with BMC Remedy AR System and should be installed on the same computer as BMC Service Request Management.

To use the default approval options, you use settings in the Application Administration Console and in the SRD. Except in special cases, you do not configure anything in the approval server directly.


You must have the SRM Administrator permission to configure BMC Service Request Management approvals.


Do not modify or disable any of the default approval processes, rules, or chains. Doing so might break functionality or cause unexpected behavior.

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