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Completing the Entitlements section

This topic describes how to complete the Entitlements section of the Service Request Designer.


To limit the number of entitlement rules necessary in your organization, or to handle any global entitlements, you can create entitlement rules that apply to multiple SRDs by category, package, or qualification. For more information, see Configuring entitlement.

Before you begin

Complete the Approvers section.

To complete the Entitlements section

  1. (Optional) On the Packages panel, associate one or more packages with the SRD:
    1. To associate a package, select it from the Available Packages table, and click Add.
      You can also drag and drop packages from the Available Packages table to the Associated Packages table.
      Packages that are related to the Company for this SRD are listed in the Available Packages table.
    2. To filter the packages listed in the Available Packages table, enter a word or string in the Search field, and press Enter.
  2. Click Next.
  3. On the Entitlements panel, select which users are entitled to view and request the service.
    Add or remove entitlements to the requestable service as needed. See Configuring entitlement.
  4. Click the Manage Entitlements button to create or modify an entitlement.
    You can view this button only if you have Entitlements Administrator permission. For more information, see Configuring entitlement.
  5. Click Next.

Where to go from here

To continue the procedure, go to Completing the Options section.

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