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Completing the Deployment section

This topic describes how to complete the Deployment section of the Service Request Designer and complete the creation of the SRD.

Before you begin

Complete the Options section.

To complete the Deployment section

  1. On the Submit Service panel, enter the service deployment start and expiration dates.
  2. Select the company and name of the Request Catalog Manager to review the service request.
    Specify the user with Request Catalog Manager permissions who must first review and approve the requestable service before it is deployed to the organization.
    By default, these fields are set to the user creating the requestable service. Before submitting the requestable service, make sure that you set these values to that of a Request Catalog Manager.


    When the Company field is populated, the menu attached to the Name field consists of all users belonging to the selected Company, not just Request Catalog Managers. Therefore, when creating the requestable service, you must know who your specific Request Catalog Manager is, and populate these fields correctly.

  3. (Optional) In the Reopen Request field, select Reopen Fulfillment Process or Create New Work Order.
    • Selecting Reopen Fulfillment Process performs the following actions:
      • Restarts the previous fulfillment process, if the process resulted in only one process step, such as a single incident or change request, that has not been closed. If the incident or change request is closed, a work order is created. If the status of the incident or change request is Resolved, it is reopened.
      • Creates a Work Order, if the process resulted in multiple process steps, such as a combination of a change request and a work order in sequence
    • Selecting Create New Work Order always creates a Work Order.
  4. (Optional) To build the SRD in stages, enter all the required information, and click Save.
    You can edit the SRD as needed before submitting it for approval.
  5. If you are sure that you are finished with the details of your SRD, click Submit.
    After it is submitted, no further updates are permitted to the requestable service until the approval process is complete. When it is approved, the requestable service is deployed.
  6. Click Save.

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