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Completing the Approvers section

This topic describes how to complete the Approvers section of the Service Request Designer.

Before you begin

Complete the Fulfillment Process section.

To complete the Approvers section

  1. On the Approvers panel, select who must approve the service request when it is submitted.


    When creating a requestable service using the Service Request Designer, the default approval process of Set Using Approval Engine is used for approving the requestable service. If you use the Service Request Definition form to create requestable services, more options are available for approving the requestable service.

  2. In the Approval Type field, select one of the following values:
    • None — No approval chain record is associated with the service request when it is submitted.
    • Manager — Enables you to specify how deep you want to go in the management approval chain. For example, if you use 1 (the system default), the chain extends only to the user's manager. If you enter 2, the next level in the management chain must approve the upgrade, and so on. The maximum number of approval levels is 5.
    • Person — Enables you to send the service request for approval to any user defined in the People form. Click Select to search for any user available in the People form.
    • Group — Enables you to send the service request for approval only to group members with Request Approver roles.
    • Custom — Enables you to use a custom approval chain (not one of the approval chains installed with the application). This custom approval chain definition must have a Selection Criteria that matches the requestable service. For information about approval chains, see Configuring custom approval chains.


      Approvals for the SRD use the default approval process, which is determined by the Service Request Definition form. See Defining service request definition settings.

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Where to go from here

To continue the procedure, go to Completing the Entitlements section.

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