This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Service Request Management.

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Defining approvers for an SRD

You can define the approvals that are required for a Service Request Definition (SRD) before it is deployed. If you do not define approvers for an SRD, the SRD is automatically deployed.

BMC Service Request Management is fully integrated with the Approval Server for business, technical, and financial approvals. 

The approval engine determines the list of SRD approvers. By default, the Service Catalog Manager must approve the SRD when it moves to the Request for Approval state. 

The Service Catalog Manager can also define additional approvers who must approve the SRD before it can be deployed. For example, you can specify that the customer must first review and approve the SRD before it is deployed to the organization.


If you are using the Service Request Definition - Level approval process, you must create approver mappings for service requests and Service Request Definitions (SRDs). For more information, see Creating approver mappings.

To define SRD approvals

  1. Configure the approvals for Service Request Management.
    See Configuring approvals for SRDs and service requests.
  2. Search for the SRD, select it, and click View.
  3. Click the Approvals tab.
  4. Specify if you want the Approval Server to determine the approvers list.
    This is the default setting.
    The Service Request Management administrator can choose to bypass the Approval Server in the Service Request Definition Settings configuration form. See Specifying the default behavior of SRDs.
  5. To include an individual approver in the Approvers list, select the Individuals check box, and select any combination of Customer, Catalog Manager, or Service Request Coordinator.
    Here you are defining whether the Customer, Service Catalog Manager, or Service Request Coordinator must approve the SRD before it can be deployed.
    • If the name of the Request Catalog Manager on the Definition tab is the same as the creator of this SRD, only one approval signature is created. Multiple signatures are not required.

    • To set the Service Request Coordinator as the approver, see the Coordinator Company and Coordinator Group defined in the Service Request tab of the SRD.
      If the Coordinator Company and Coordinator Group fields are populated, the Service Request Coordinator is selected from the specified Coordinator Group. If the Coordinator Group field is empty, the Service Request Coordinator is selected by using the assignment routing specified for the Service Request Assignee event that is defined in the Standard Configuration tab of the Application Administration Console. For more information, see  Setting up assignment routing to support groups Open link .

      The following example illustrates how to add a customer to the approval list. The customer must approve the SRD before it can be deployed.

  6. To add an ad hoc approver, perform the following actions:
    1. Click Add.
    2. In the Add Approvers dialog box, specify an individual or group.
    3. Enter the full name of the individual or group.
    4. Click Save.
      The Add Approvers dialog box is closed and you return to the Service Request Definition form.
    5. Click Refresh.
      The individual or group is added to the approvers list.
  7. Save your changes to the SRD.
  8. To view approvers by the SRD approval state, select an approval state from the Show menu, for example, Pending.
    The Approvers list then refreshes with the current list of approvers who must approve the SRD before it can be moved to the next approval state.


    Adding an individual or ad hoc approver causes the Set using Approval Engine flag to be set, and the approval engine will be used to determine any additional approvers.

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