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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Request Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Work Order console

The Work Order Console provides a dedicated workspace for managing work orders. This console enables work order managers and assignees to track work orders quickly and efficiently.

From this console, you can update your record in the People form, for example, to indicate your assignment availability and to set your notification options.

You can customize the default view and settings of the Work Order Console. For example, when the Work Order Console opens, you can determine the default search criteria settings. When you define your preferences (for example, to view all open work orders), this base set of preferences is inherited in the Overview Console. You must close and reopen the console to see the changes.

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Work Order Console functional areas

The following table lists the functional areas of the Work Order Console:

Functional area


Filter By,
Magnifying glass icon,
More filters

This area contains the following fields: Show, Filter By, and Search. These fields combine to provide a way that you can filter records in the Work Order table or Tasks table.

The Show field has a menu from which you select the basic criteria by which you want to filter the contents of the table, the menu choices include:

  • Submitted by me — All work orders or tasks created by you
  • All — All work orders, regardless of who created them
  • Assigned to me — All work orders or tasks assigned to you
  • Assigned to my group — All work orders or tasks assigned to a specific support group of which you are a member. If you select this, you are prompted to select the support group.
  • Assigned to all my groups — All work orders or tasks assigned to all of the support groups of which you are a member

    The Filter By field places conditions on the basic criteria that you select in the Show field. This helps you manage the number of records returned by the Show field. If you select Assigned to me in the Show field and All Open > All Priorities from the Filter By field, the table contains all open work orders or tasks, regardless of their priority, that are assigned to you.

    The Magnifying glass icon opens a dialog box from which you can edit, save, and delete custom searches. Saved custom searches appear in the My Searches node of the Defined Searches list. For more information about custom searches, see Searching for work orders.

    More filters provides a way for you to further filter the contents of the Work Orders or Tasks table. If you still have a large number of records after using the Filter By field, click Advanced to open a dialog box that contains fields in which you can indicate even more precise information, such as product or operational categories.

    For example, using the advanced field you can add the product category Hardware to the filter. When added to the Show and Filter by fields, the table now contains all open hardware work orders or tasks, regardless of their priority, that are assigned to you. A check box appears in the More filters label to indicate when a filter from this area is active.

Refresh icon

Updates the console with the latest information

Work Orders/Tasks table

This table displays high-level details about work orders or tasks depending on the Console Focus you select. The displayed records match the status specified in the Work Orders summary in the navigation pane, or those that were found by the most recently completed search. The WO prefix identifies the work order requests, and the TAS prefix identifies related tasks. You can filter the requests in the table by using the menu options in the Show and Filter By fields.


Opens the New Work Order form so you can create a new work order. For more information about work orders, see Creating work orders.

Create for Company (Hub and Spoke environments only)

Opens the New Work Order form after you identify the company for which you are creating the record. For more information about Hub and Spoke, see Hub and Spoke capability overview Open link .


Opens the work order record selected in the table

In a Hub and Spoke environment, when you click View, you open a work order record directly from the spoke server.


Displays the details of the work order selected in the table as a report.

Service Context

Opens the Service Context summary view for the record selected in the Work Order table.


Displays options to add and remove columns in the Work Orders table, set time intervals to refresh work order information, save updated preferences, and reset default preferences.

Work Orders

Groups work orders by their status: Open, Unassigned, Pending, and Resolved. Click a group to view a list of individual work orders in the Work Orders table in the right pane.


Click the right arrow to view links to perform the following actions:

  • New Work Order — Opens the Work order form in New mode
  • Search Work Order — Opens a search form that lets you search for change records according to the criteria that you supply. For more information about searching for work orders, see Searching for records.
  • My Profile — Enables you to set options in your profile.
  • Application Preferences — Enables you to set your application preferences and options.
  • Reminders — Opens the Reminders dialog box.
  • Reports — Opens the Reporting Console. For more information about reports, see Analyzing services by running reports.

Console Focus

Enables you to switch the focus to work orders or to tasks, and to view work orders or tasks that match the criteria selected in the Show field.

For more information about tasks, see Dividing and delegating work by using tasks.

To set the focus to work orders, click the Show Work Orders link in the upper right corner of the table. To set the focus to tasks, click the Show Tasks link in the upper right corner of the table. The list of all the tasks is displayed. You can identify the associated parent of a task from the Root Request ID field.

Work Order and Tasks links
(Visible when the Console Focus is set to Work Orders)

Clicking the Work Order link displays details about the selected work order.

Clicking the Tasks link displays tasks related to the selected work order.

Work Order Details and Task Details
(Visible when the Console Focus is set to Tasks)

Clicking the Work Order Details link displays work order details about the task.

Clicking the Task Details link displays details about the selected task.

Work Info

Shows activity associated with the work order or task

The Work Info area enables work coordinators to view or define actions performed or information gathered about a work order. For example, you can define a work information entry that documents the installation and back-out procedures for a change.

You can perform the following actions in this area:

  • Create — Create a new activity
  • View — Displays details of the selected activity
  • Report — Displays a report of the Change Work Info history
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