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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Request Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Troubleshooting localization issues

When you are working on a Action Request System server that has the Localize Server option enabled, you sometimes see unexpected behavior with localized BMC Service Request Management objects, for example, missing navigational categories or SRDs do not appear as expected.

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Why are PDTs created by locale? Shouldn't only the SRD be by locale but the PDT be the same for all users?

When creating PDTs, the process definition is the same across all the locales. Only the fields that appear to users in the Visual Process Editor are localized.

Issue symptom


Navigational categories are not shown as expected. For example, I created an SRD in three locale entries (English, Spanish, and French). I also created three separate navigational category entries for them. When I open the Request Entry console, my client locale is English. But the navigational categories appear in Spanish. Then when I select the SRD, the English one appears.

The SRDs and navigational categories appear to users based on the locale fallback mechanism for locale defined by AR System.

All the global SRDs were shown as expected until I created an SRD with three different locales. I see only the one SRD that was localized and all of the others, including the navigational categories, are not visible.

The SRDs appear based on the locale fallback mechanism of AR System. If AR System finds at least one SRD for the client locale, it does not display the SRDs defined in other locales. The global SRDs were defined with a null locale value and the new SRD was created with a locale value that matches your client locale. As a result, only new SRDs appear.

After you select any time of locale option, any Service Request Management object that does not have a locale defined no longer appears. To show the global SRDs, they must also be localized.

I localized my SRD and the SRD appears, but it does not work properly, and there are no questions in the Provide Information window in the Request Entry console.

The SRD and all related objects must be localized. This includes the PDTs, the navigational categories, the questions, and the AOTs. If these are not localized, they will not be present on the SRD for that locale.

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