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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Request Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Service Catalog Manager console

Request Catalog Managers use the Service Catalog Manager console to manage an SRD and track its progress from Draft to Deployed. You can use this console to associate the SRD with PDTs, business service CIs, approvals, and service targets.

Click Search to view a list of all Service Request Definitions (SRDs) in your company. Depending on the context, you get the following options in the Details pane:

  • View the details of the selected SRD
  • Create a new SRD
  • Delete, approve, or reject the selected SRD
  • Make the selected SRD inactive

You get the following options in the left navigation pane of the console:

Console view

Select the view in which you want to open the console. You can view it as yourself, or on behalf of other users or organization.

You can also get a filtered view of the SRDs based on their status:

  • Needs my approval
  • Coming up (SRDs that will become visible to users in the specified number of days)
  • Going down (SRDs that will become unavailable to users in the specified number of days)
Console FocusSelect how you want to view the console: The default Request Definition mode or the process view.
  • Reports: Create reports in the Action Request System report console.
  • Broadcasts: View broadcast messages for your company.
  • Preferences: In the Service Catalog Management tab, modify the default search criteria for the Request Definition View and Process View.
  • Package Management: Manage SRD packages. For more information, see Creating and managing packages.

You must close and reopen the Service Catalog Manager Console to view the changes.

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