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This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Request Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring actions to autofill responses in a service request

You can configure actions in a Service Request Definition (SRD) to autofill responses to questions when the Provide Information form opens in the Request Entry console, or when the user answers questions. Using autofill actions lessens the burden on users to enter correct information when creating a service request.

Create autofill responses by using data from standard BMC forms such as fulfillment application forms or from custom forms; for example, forms that contain employee IDs and cost center codes.

Types of autofill actions

You can specify any of the following actions:

Open Form action

The form is automatically filled when the user opens a new request. For example, a user opens a new request and the Provide Information form appears. An Open Form action can look up the user's login ID and automatically fill in a user's employee ID, location, and cost-center information.


Open Form actions do not work when a user clicks Request Again. The Request Again functionality is designed to create a copy of the information submitted by the user in the original request.

Answer Question actionThe form is automatically filled when the user responds to a question in the Provide Information form, and a qualification is met. For example, an Answer Question action can automatically fill in a user's shipping address from a form record, when the user chooses the Use address on file response from a menu question.

Restrictions for autofill actions

The following restrictions apply when you create autofill actions:

  • Creating dependencies between actions — When you create multiple actions for an SRD, the actions work in parallel. You cannot create dependencies for a predictable execution sequence. For example, you cannot create a trigger qualification for one action that is based on field values that are autofilled by another action.
  • Creating trigger qualifications — (Answer Question actions only) The supported question formats for trigger qualifications are Text, Radio Button, and Menu. 

  • Creating form qualifications — For Open Form actions, if no records match the form qualification, the mapped field values are nulled.

  • autofilling based on a question response — (Answer Question actions only) To autofill a question response based on the user's response to another question, you must create a form qualification that uses the Question data type. The supported question formats for the Question data type are Text, Radio Button, and Menu. See step 4b in Configuring autofill actions.

  • Mapping data to questions — You can only map data to Text, Date, Time, and Date/Time questions. You cannot map Date, Time, and Date/Time field values to Text questions.
  • Mapping data to conditional questions — You cannot use an Open Form action to map data to conditional questions. You can use an Answer Question action to map data to conditional questions, but only when the trigger question and the mapped question are displayed.

Open Form actions execute when the user first opens the Provide Information form, and before the user has answered questions, you cannot create trigger qualifications for Open Form actions. However, there is a known issue in the UI where the application allows you to create them.

Configuring autofill actions

  1. In the SRD, click Questions & Mappings to open the Question Management window.
  2. Click the Actions tab.

  3. Under Action Details in the Action Information pane, perform the following steps:
    1. In the Title field, enter a title for the action.
    2. From the Trigger list, select Open Form or Answer Question.
    3. (Answer Question actions only) In the Trigger Qualification Builder, create a query that defines the condition or conditions to trigger the action. 
      You must define a trigger qualification for an Answer Question action. For additional information about creating trigger qualifications, see Restrictions for autofill actions.

      The Type field is a display-only field that shows Autofill as the Action type.

  4. Under Autofill Details:
    1. From the Form Name list, select the appropriate form.
    2. In the Form Qualification Buildercreate a query that selects the form record to use for the mapping:
      1. (Optional) Click ( to insert an opening parenthesis into the qualification.

      2. From the FIELDS list, select a field from the form.

      3. Select an operator, such as =, !=, >, <, >=, or <=.

      4. Select a data type, such as QuestionTextInteger, or Keywords

        Data typeDescription
        1Question (Answer Question actions only)Specifies a question in the SRD as the data type. Select the question from the adjacent list. Use this data type to autofill the response to a question based on the user's response to another question. For example, you can create a qualification to match the response to a question (such as, What is your full name?) to data in a form (such as the value in the Full Name field on CTM:People). If there is a match, you can use the mapping you create in step 4c to pass the data from the ManagersName field in CTM:People to another question (such as, What is your manager's name?). 
        2TextSpecifies Text as the data type. Enter a text value in the adjacent field.
        3IntegerSpecifies Integer as the data type. Enter an integer value in the adjacent field.
        4KeywordsSpecifies Keyword as the data type. Select the keyword from the adjacent drop-down list. You can specify only one keyword. For example, you can create a qualification to query the CTM:People form for the record where Remedy Login ID matches $USER$. $CUSTOMER$ is a keyword for the Requested For user's login ID.
      5. Specify a value for the appropriate data type.

      6. Click Add to insert the <field><operator><value> statement into the qualification.

      7. (Optional) Click ()AND, or OR to add parentheses and logical operators to the qualification.

      8. Repeat step 4b until the qualification is complete.

    3. In the Mappings panel, map data from fields in the selected form to questions in the SRD:

      1. Select the field from the Field list.

      2. Select the question from the Response list. For additional information about creating trigger qualifications, see Restrictions for autofill actions.

      3. Click Add.

    4. (Optional) Repeat step 4c to create additional mappings.

  5. Click Apply to create the action.

  6. (Optional) Click the plus sign ((plus)) above the Actions list and repeat steps 3 through 5 to create more actions.
  7. Close the Question Management window.
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