Phased rollout


This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout.

Submitting SRDs for approval

Before submitting a Service Request Definition (SRD) for approval, ensure that the SRD contains all the required information. You cannot modify the SRD during the approval process.

You can view the approvers for a service catalog category and the approval process before the record is approved. If there are multiple approvers and levels of approvers, the SRD's offering status does not change to Approved until all the approvers have approved it. However, you can view the Approvers tab for the SRD record and see where it is in the approval process.

To submit an SRD for approval

  1. Search for any records that are in draft mode:
    1. On the Service Catalog Manager Console, from the Status field, select Draft.
    2. Enter any optional search criteria.
    3. Click Search.
  2. Select the SRD and click View.
  3. To start the approval process, change the SRD status to Request for Approval.
    You can also cancel sending the SRD for approval by clicking Cancel Approval button next to the Status field.
    The yellow stoplight alerts the Service Catalog Manager that the SRD is not yet Online.
  4. Click Save.

To view the SRD approval process

  1. Open the IT Home page, and select Service Request Management > Service Catalog Manager Console.
  2. Click Console Focus > Request Definition.
  3. Search for the SRD.
    1. From the Status menu, select Request for Approvals.
    2. Click Search.
      A list of SRDs that are pending approvals appears.
  4. Select the SRD from the Search Results table, and click View.
  5. Click the Approvals tab to see the approval process and a list of approvers.
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