This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Service Request Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using the cart to submit multiple requests

The Request Entry console provides a cart, similar to many e-commerce websites, so that you can add multiple requests to the cart and submit them in a single operation.  For example, you might decide to submit two requests at once: fix your printer and upgrade your computer to the latest version of Microsoft Office.

You can open only one cart a time. The cart is not available to guest users.

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  • By default, the cart is not displayed on the Request Entry console. If the administrator configures the cart, you will see the cart icon on the console for your use. See Configuring request entry preferences.
  • You can create a request on behalf of another user and then add it to the cart, after which the Requested For user can manage the request. However, once the request is added to the cart, the Requested For user information cannot be changed. For more information, see Submitting requests on behalf of other users.

To submit multiple requests by using the cart

  1. On the Request Entry console, open one of the requests you want to submit.
  2. In the request's detail view, click Add to Cart.
  3. To view requests in the cart, click the cart icon.
    The Cart Review window shows information for each request in your cart. A yellow warning icon next to a request indicates that the request requires more information from you. You cannot submit the cart until you provide all required information for each request in the cart. 
  4. To remove a request from the cart, select it from the list and click Remove Request.
  5. To submit all requests in the cart, click Submit.
    The submitted items appear as requests in the Request Entry console. You can view each one to see the status of your request. 
    If the Submit button is not enabled, one or more of your requests requires a response. See steps 4 and 5 in this procedure.

To view requests that were submitted from the same cart

  1. On the My Requests pod, click the name of a request that was submitted from a cart.
  2. In the Request Details window, select a request number from the Requests In Cart list. 
    Information about the request you selected is displayed in the Request Details window.
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