This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Service Request Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Submitting requests from the Request Entry console

You can submit an individual request or add several requests to your cart and submit them in a single operation.

After you select a request, the Provide Information form is displayed. Your contact details, such as your phone number and email address, are filled in for you. Required fields are in bold to help you identify information that you must enter to successfully submit the request. (In some cases, the administrator might have added instructions on how to respond to questions.)

The Expected Completion date will be displayed, which reflects the time period needed to fulfill the request. You can specify a Required Completion date to indicate when you would like the request to be completed. Setting the Required Completion field to a value earlier than the Expected Completion value does not imply that the request will be completed by this date. For example, if the IT department requires two days to obtain a monitor for you, the Expected Completion field is set to two days from the date you submitted the request.

The Provide Information form also includes any questions that will be helpful in further defining your request or directing it to the correct support group for fulfillment. Depending on your response to a question, the system might display additional questions. 

You can optionally add up to three attachments to your request, such as an illustration of an office layout or a spreadsheet containing part numbers of items that you need. After you submit the request, you can view attached files in the Activity Log on the request's Details tab.


  • To use custom date format in answers to questions in requests, you must enter the custom date/time format on the Locale tab on the AR System User Preferences form. (The administrator can also set the date format.) Both date and time must be included and separated by a semicolon, such as date;time. For example, yyyy/MM/dd; HH:mm.

  • To use custom date format in Required Completion and Expected Completion fields on the Provide Information form, you must select the Custom format for the Display Date/Time Style (Web) field on the Web tab of the AR System User Preference form. For more information about setting preferences on the Web tab, see Setting the Web tab Open link .
  • Attachments are also accessible from the back-end fulfillment application, such as an incident, a change request, or a work order. Conversely, from the Request Entry console, you can access attachments that are added in other applications as public Work Info attachments.
  • When you use Digital Workplace to submit a request that creates a work order and you add an attachment to the request, the Work Info record is created, but the Notes field is blank. Since, editing the worklog entry displays an error message, you must manually set the required value for the Notes field.

To submit a request

  1. In the Request Entry console, locate a request and click the request name.
    The Provide Information form appears. 
  2. (Optional) Click Edit and update your contact details, such as your phone number and email address.
  3. (Optional) Specify a Required Completion date. 
  4. Respond to any questions.

  5. (Optional) Add an attachment by clicking the Add icon ((plus)). You can also attach files to the Activities Log on the Details tab after the request is submitted.

  6. (Optional) Click Summary to view a summary of the information that you entered.
  7. (Optional) If you are not sure you have all the needed information, click Save as Draft. The request appears in the list of requests in draft mode. You can submit the request at a later date. After you save a request as draft, you cannot edit the Requested For user information. See Submitting requests on behalf of other users.
  8. (Optional) If your administrator has enabled the cart, you can click Add to Cart to add the request to the cart.
    You can add multiple requests to your cart and submit them at once. For more information about adding requests to the cart, see Using the cart to submit multiple requests. For information about using the cart for requests created on behalf of another user, see Submitting requests on behalf of other users.
  9. Click Submit
    Your submitted requests are listed in the My Requests pod

To locate a request offering

You can locate a request offering in one of several ways:

  • Open the Popular view by clicking Popular, located adjacent to the Search field, and review the list of popular requests. Click the More link to view additional requests. If there is more than one page, click the Next Chunk or Previous Chunk arrows, or select a chunk from the drop-down list. Mouse over a popular request name and click the Request Description icon.

  • Open the Browse view by clicking Browse, located adjacent to the Search field. Click a category or subcategory, and select a request from the Available Requests area. To navigate back from a subcategory, click the left arrow button located next to the subcategory heading. 
  • Enter a keyword in the Search field, and click the Search icon. For example, if your printer needs toner, enter toner cartridgecolor printer, or printer. (The Service Catalog Manager might have added keywords to simplify your searches.) The search results show only requests that you are permitted to submit. If there are too many results to display on one screen, the user can click more... to display results in chunks.
  • If your administrator has enabled marketing slides, you can scroll through the marketing slides and submit a request for a service by clicking Request Now on the slide promoting the service.
    Each option button located at the bottom of the service marketing section represents a marketing slide. Click an option to view the associated slide.

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