This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Service Request Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

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Rebranding the Request Entry console by using skins

A skin is a visual theme that you can apply to an AR System form view. Skins provide the ability to change the properties of the form view to make it appear differently to different groups of users. Skins are primarily used to change images, colors, and backgrounds.

Use the BMC Remedy AR System skins to rebrand the Service Request Entry console, based on the requirements of different companies or user groups to meet their corporate standards. Each skin is associated with a set of permissions that is controlled by the Remedy AR System. For more information about customizing Remedy AR System skins, see Defining skins .


You need AR Administrator permission to access the Remedy AR System Skins Console.

Skin template for the Request Entry console

BMC Service Request Management provides an out-of-the-box skin template, SRM Enduser skin, that you can use to create new skins for AR System forms that are launched from the Request Entry console. This includes the Provide Information form, message boxes, pop-up windows (such as, the header bar of a Knowledge Base article window), and Advanced Interface forms (AIFs). For example, service providers can use skins to display customer-specified company logos,icons, and background colors on the Request Entry console.

The SRM Enduser skin uses the BMC_ENDUSER_SKIN tag from the SRS:SREC_ServiceRequestEntryConsole AR form to change skin property values. The BMC_ENDUSER_SKIN tag has a number of child tags, each of which is linked to the property value of a specific field. For example, the tag for the console's background is linked to the value of the view's Skin Selector property. To change the view's background color, you must change the tag's property value.

For more information about skin properties, see Request Entry console UI properties you can change.

The following figure illustrates areas of the Request Entry console home page that you can change using a skin.

1. Background color
2. Left panel title bar color and text color
3. BMC Service Request Management title image
4. Welcome message text color
5. Notifications background color, text color, and icons
6. Right panel title bar color and text color
7. Quick action bar color and icons
8. Company logo image

For information about creating skins, see:

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