This documentation supports the 20.08 version of Service Request Management, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring email-based approvals


Administrators can configure email-based approvals for users to approve requests received via emails.

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You can approve requests via email. You do not require any specific permission to approve these requests. When email-based approvals are enabled, an email notification is sent the individuals who have approval authority for the request. Those people either can approve or reject the request directly from the email notification.


If the approval process requires a password or requires that rejection of a request includes a business justification, you cannot approve or reject the request directly from the email notification. If this is the case, you must approve or reject the request from Approval Central. A link to Approval Central is provided in the email notification.

The following diagram describes the email approval workflow.

When you upgrade from an existing version of Remedy ITSM, all approval-related notification messages are overwritten with new messages. Existing messages are backed up and renamed as message\_custom and the status is set to Offline.

If you had customized any notification messages, rename the new message, and set its status to Disabled. Then, remove the \_custom tag of the customized notification message to continue using it. Ensure that the status of your message is set to Enabled.

If your default notification method before upgrade was set to Alert, you must change the notification mechanism to Email to enable approval emails. For more information on changing the notification method, see Setting notification preferences.


Upgrade information is not applicable for Knowledge Management because earlier versions of the application did not include Approval Notification messages.

Before you begin

Before you configure email-based approvals, ensure that the required mailboxes are configured. For more information about configuring mailboxes, see Configuring BMC Remedy Email Engine in the Remedy AR System documentation.

In addition to mailbox configuration, the following settings are required for email-based approvals to work:

  • From the Applications menu, select AR System Administration > System > Email > Mailbox Configuration. Select the Incoming mailbox record. On the Advanced Configuration tab, ensure that the following options are selected:
    • Email Action is set to Parse. The Associated Mailbox Name should be associated with the configured outgoing mailbox for this setting.
    • Enable Modify Action is set to Yes.
    For more information about advanced mailbox configuration, see Configuring advanced incoming mailbox properties in the Remedy AR System documentation.
  • From the Applications menu, select AR System Administration > System > Email > Mailbox Configuration. Select the Outgoing mailbox record. On the Advanced Configuration tab, ensure that the Delete Outgoing Notification Messages option is set to No.


    Restart the Remedy Email Engine Service if you change any setting.

  • From the Applications menu, select Quick Links > Approval Administration Console.
    • On the Notification tab, ensure that the Status of the approval process is Active.
    • On the Process tab, select the process, and then click View. Ensure that the Require Password field is set to No.
    • On the Configuration tab of the Process Definition form, ensure that the Require Justification on Rejection field is set to No.
  • From the Applications menu, select Administration Console > Application Administration Console. On the Custom Configuration tab, select Foundation > Notification engine > Approval Email Configuration, and then click Open. On the Configure Email Based Approval window, ensure that Status is set to Enabled.


    You must set these preferences to ensure that the Approve/Reject button is available in the approval email.

  • Specify the properties and their permissible values in the file to adjust the performance of the email engine. For more information, see Settings in the file  in the Remedy AR System documentation.

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