This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Service Request Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.


Consult the following topics for information about troubleshooting BMC Service Request Management, such as problems you might encounter during installation, configuration, and use of the product, as well as error messages and how to enable logs and diagnostic information. 

User goalReference topic

Resolving errors with default currency settings and manually registering application plug-ins.

Troubleshooting the installation, migration, or upgrade

Viewing installation and uninstallation log files, understanding the contents of the logs, analyzing logs, collecting diagnostics in a zip file, and viewing a Log Zipper output file with the Maintenance Tool.

Working with logs

Gathering and enabling logs for troubleshooting various functional areas in BMC Service Request Management.

Troubleshooting functional areas of the application

Viewing processes related to a request and correcting event errors that might appear in the Process View.

Troubleshooting processes related to a service

Resolving issues related to localized BMC Service Request Management objects when you have enabled the Localize Server option BMC Remedy AR System server.

Troubleshooting localization

Resolving problems with service request definition (SRD) ID numbers that might occur after a Merge data import operation.

Troubleshooting SRD ID number generator conflicts on the production server

Using the BMC Service Request Management maintenance tool and understanding the capabilities about other BMC Remedy ITSM Maintenance tools.

BMC Service Request Management Maintenance tool

Contacting BMC Customer Support and the viewing the support status for this and other releases.

Support information


The following video provides information about troubleshooting event errors.

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