This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Service Request Management.

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Creating and using advanced interface forms

You can configure a service request definition (SRD) to use an advanced interface form (AIF) instead of the Provide Information form. AIFs enable you to have a personalized Provide Information form in the Request Entry console. The AIF mechanism enables complex validation of answers and custom flow of the interface for user interaction. Depending on the type of AIF, you might need to map fields on the AIF to the required target data (fulfillment application fields) in the SRD.


Guest users cannot submit a request if the SRD includes an Advanced Interface form.

AIFs give you the ability to perform the following actions:

  • Map more than forty user responses to fulfillment application fields (target data).
  • Capture additional fields besides the default set of fields that are captured by using the product as shipped.
  • Control data flow in the AIF.
  • Create sophisticated data validation.

To implement AIFs

  1. Create your own AIF from the templates that BMC provides.
    See Creating AIFs from templates.
  2. Register the new form.
    See Registering AIFs.
  3. (Optional) Configure the details fields in the Work Order Template form.
    See Relating Mapped and Details tab fields in the Work Order Template form.
  4. Configure the SRD to use the new form.
    See Associating AIFs with SRDs.
  5. (Optional) Map your fulfillment application fields, if necessary.
    See Mapping fulfillment application fields to the service request fields.
  6. Test the AIF:
    1. From the Request Entry console, submit a request for the SRD configured to use the AIF. 
    2. Open Request Details for the new request, and click More Details to see responses in the AIF.
      Request Details can be accessed from the Request Entry console, the Service Request Coordinator Console, or from fulfillment applications.
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