This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Service Request Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Analyzing services by running reports

Use the Report Console to access predefined reports to analyze your services. By default, when you run a report, the system uses any built-in query to select the records to be included in the report. You can manage the scope of a predefined report by applying a qualification.

If you modify the prepared reports supplied with the application, Customer Support can provide only limited assistance for reporting problems. There is no guarantee that problems resulting from these modifications can be solved. The standard reports included with the application are designed to be used without modification.

The Web report type provides users the ability to create well formatted reports through a browser. Results can be returned in the form of a list, many styles of charts, or a list and chart together. Web reports can contain links that allow you to drill down from the report to view the data upon which the report is based. Web reports can be saved in several standard formats, including Adobe PDF and Postscript, and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.

Predefined reports

The following table lists the predefined reports that are installed with BMC Service Request Management, and related reports that require BMC Service Level Management. If you have other BMC Remedy applications installed, additional reports are listed in the Report Console. For information about reports that are provided with other applications, see the appropriate documentation.

Report title


Required permissions


Service Requests by Location


Request Catalog Manager or SRM Administrator

Shows all service requests and the number of times the service request was used for a particular location and category. Totals are shown for each location, category, and service request.

Service Requests by Organization and Department


Request Catalog Manager or SRM Administrator

Shows all service requests and the number of times the service request was used by a particular organization and department. The organization and department is based on the Requested For information about the service request. Totals are shown for each organization, department, category, and service request.

Service Request Definitions by Status


Request Catalog Manager or SRM Administrator

Shows all SRDs with catalog manager information, their online or offline status, and their effective dates.

Survey Results Detail


Business Manager, or Service Request User, or Request Catalog Manager, or SRM Administrator

Shows detailed results of surveys submitted by users. This report can be generated for a specific company over a date range. The report shows the service request, ratings, and comments for each survey submitted.

To run a report

  1. From an application console, such as the Business Manager Console, select Functions > Reports.
  2. From the Report Console, select a report name.
    The list varies, according to your permissions and which applications are installed.
  3. (Optional) To change the report results, follow these steps:
    1. To override the built-in query to widen or change the report results, select the Override option.
    2. To add a qualification to narrow the report results, click Show Additional Filter.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Enter requested parameters, if any, and click OK.


If you see formatting problems when viewing reports in a browser, ask your administrator to ensure that report configuration settings are defined in the AR System User Preference form, as described in Setting user preferences Open link .

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