This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Service Request Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Using search criteria to search for SRD records

After selecting criteria by which to filter the list of SRDs, you can choose to view more details than are provided in the Details section. You can directly open the SRD record.

You must have Request Catalog Manager permissions to access the Service Catalog Manager Console and perform the following procedure.

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To search for SRD records

  1. Open the IT Home Page, and select Service Request Management > Service Catalog Manager Console.
  2. Click Console Focus in the left navigation pane, and click Request Definition.
    The Request Definition View appears in the Service Catalog Manager Console.
  3. In the Search Criteria area, specify search criteria.
    For example, from the Status list in the Search Criteria area, select a status by which to view SRDs. The options are as follows:
    • Draft — These SRDs are in Draft status and have not been submitted for approval.
    • Pending — These SRDs were submitted for approval and are pending approval. An SRD goes to Approved status when all the approvers have approved it.
    • Request for Approval — These SRDs must be approved before they can be used in the catalog.
    • Deployed — These SRDs are available to users from the Service Catalog.
    • Expired — These SRDs have expired and are no longer available from the Catalog. When the end date specified for an SRD has passed, the SRD record automatically sets to the Expired status.
    • Closed — These SRDs are not available from the Catalog. You must manually set the SRD status to Closed.
    • Rejected — These SRDs are not available in the Catalog because they were rejected for various reasons.
  4. Click Search.
    A list of SRDs that match the selected status appears.
  5. Select the SRD you want to view, and click View.
    The record opens in the Service Request Definition form.
    If the record is not pending approval, you can modify the record. See Defining approvals in an SRD.
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