This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Service Request Management.

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Viewing statistics of searched terms on the Request Entry console

The SYS:SearchTermStatistics form keeps statistics about searched terms for each company. When a user enters a search term on the Request Entry console, and search results are returned (or not returned), the SYS:SearchTermStatistics form is updated.


You must have BMC Remedy AR System administrator permissions to view this form.

The SYS:SearchTermStatistics form contains the following fields:




The name of the company for the user who used the search term in the search.

Search Term

The text of the search term (for example, request a new laptop).

Enter the exact term that you need to search.


The locale of the user who used the search term. This field's values follow these rules:

  • For every locale (except pt_BR or zh_CN), the value of the field contains only the first two letters of the locale. For example, for de_DE, the value is de.
  • For pt_BR or zh_CN, the value is the same as the locale (for example, pt_BR).
  • A $NULL$ (empty) locale value is allowed and can be used as a fallback mechanism.

Primary tag

The area to which the search term applies (that is, REQUEST_ENTRY_CONSOLE)

Secondary tag

A specific description (if needed) of the area to which the search term applies (for example, SEARCH_FIELD)

Total Successful Searches

The number of times the search term returned results for the users at the company

Current Unsuccessful Searches

The current number of times the search term did not return any results for a user.

You can reset this field. (The Total Unsuccessful Searches field records all of the unsuccessful search attempts.) After the search term has been successful the first time, resetting the Current Unsuccessful Searches field raises the search term rank. Resetting the field is helpful when you add a service (such as "replacing a tuner"). If users were searching for "replace tuner," but there was no service, the ranking would be low. When you add the "replacing a tuner" service, you would reset the Current Unsuccessful Searches field so that the search term receives a ranking value of 1, and it appears on the suggestion list.

Total Unsuccessful Searches

The total number of times the search term did not return any results for the users at the company

Search Term Ranking

The current search term rank. The higher the rank, statistically the more users will see results when using this search term; hence, the term is more useful. Each unsuccessful search lowers the rank. Each successful search raises the rank.

The rank is calculated with the following formula: Total Successful Searches − Current Unsuccessful Searches

This calculation can be zero, or a negative or positive value. Search terms with a negative or zero value are never displayed in the suggestion list on the Request Entry console.

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