This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Service Request Management.

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Service request status values

The BMC Service Request Management life cycle includes the following status values:

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Request status



The request has been created but has not been submitted yet.

In Review

The request has been submitted and is being reviewed.


Work on the request has been temporarily suspended. You must specify a status reason (Approval or More Information) when the status is Pending.

Waiting Approval

The request has been submitted and is pending approval. A request goes into Initiated/Planning status when all of the approvers have approved it. After the request is approved, its status changes to In Progress.


Includes planning the work approved for implementation, targeting dates, and estimating costs. If the request is divided into several tasks, the work order master can create and schedule these tasks.

In Progress

Fulfillment providers work on the requests. They log their progress as they implement the request and perform any tasks included in it. When a task is completed, the task implementer for the task with the next number in the sequence is notified of the task assignment.


The request is updated to Completed when it is closed in the fulfillment application. Users can update a completed request, which creates a work order.


The approver rejects the request (for example, a manager decides that it is more cost-effective to buy a new computer than to replace the hard drive).


The request is cancelled (for example, because the user remembers the password).


The request is closed when a requester completes the survey (if surveys are enabled), or automatically closes after 15 days.

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