This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Service Request Management.

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Configuring approvals for SRDs

Learn about configuring approvals for service request definitions (SRDs), approval states, and process types:

Configuring approvals for SRDs involves the following tasks:

  1. Determine whether to use the Approval Server to specify approvers for the SRD. (See Setting options in the Service Request Definition Settings form.)
  2. Create individual and group approvers. (See Creating individual and group approvers.)
  3. (Optional) Set up approval processes. (See Setting up approval processes for your company.)
  4. (Level approval processes only) Create approval mappings. (See Creating approver mappings.)
  5. Set the approvers on the Approvals tab of the Service Request Definition form. (See Defining approvals in an SRD.)
  6. (Optional) Define the customer who approves the SRD. (See Defining SRD customer information.)


  • The use of SRD approvals cannot be enforced. To obtain approval for an SRD before it is deployed, the Service Catalog Manager must set options on the Approvals tab when creating the SRD. In addition, if an SRD is modified after it has been approved, no re-approvals are required.
  • Approval Chain is not supported for SRD approval.
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