This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Service Request Management.

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Adding branch conditions to questions

For questions that use a radio button, check box, or static menu format, you can add branch conditions to display additional sets of questions based on the user's response. This enables you to ask questions that are relevant to the user's request.

Best practice

You can have a mix of required and optional questions. You can add an unlimited number of levels of questions. However, we recommend that you create less than 5 levels of conditional questions within a branch.
For example, you have a Level 1 question with values of Network Printer and Local Printer. You want to pose additional questions to users who have problems with a locally connected printer. For example:

  • Is this an issue with a network printer or a local printer? (question 1)
    • Network Printer (condition 1 for question 1)
    • Locally Attached Printer (condition 2 for question 1)
  • Where are you located? (question related to condition 2)
    • San Jose (condition 2.1)
      • Floor? (question)
        • 1, 2 (options)
      • Connection Type? (question)
        • USB, Firewire (options)
      • Printer? (question)
        • Fujitsu, Canon (options)
    • San Francisco (condition 2.2)
      • Floor? (question)
        • 1, 2, 3 (options)
      • Printer? (question)
        • Xerox, Fujitsu, Canon (options)


  • You cannot create branch conditions for the following question formats: text, date/time, range, query menus, or dynamic query menus.
  • Conditions always use the Displayed Value that you defined for each question response, rather than the Stored Value.
  • If the question uses check boxes, you can have a condition for single or multiple check box options. For multiple options, you must specify each combination as a separate condition.

To add branch conditions to questions

  1. On the Questions tab of the Question Management form, select the question.
  2. Click Add Condition.
  3. In the navigation tree, select New Condition to create the branch condition.
  4. Select the value from the condition table (for example, Network Printer).
  5. Click Apply.
    The condition is renamed in the navigation tree.
  6. Continue these steps until you have created your conditions for other values (for example, Locally Attached Printer).
  7. After you create your branch conditions, select the condition from the navigation tree (for example, Network Printer), and click Add Question.
    This action creates a New Condition Question record under the condition record in the navigation tree.
  8. To move a question up or down within a condition branch, select the question and click the Up arrow or the Down arrow.
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