This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Service Request Management.

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Using chat


The Openfire Chat plug-in of Remedy AR System works only on browser versions that support Adobe Flash. We recommend to use Smart IT Openfire Chat for agent to agent communication.

Using the chat feature, users can collaboratively work on BMC Remedy ITSM records. For example, you can collaboratively resolve issues by initiating a chat conversation related to the incident with other technicians who might be able to help resolve the issues faster. An IT Support technician can start a chat conversation with other members of the group to get help resolving an issue. When the chat initiator closes the conversation, it is saved as a Work Info entry and maintained as a part of the record.

The chat icon is displayed on the landing console when chat is configured for BMC Remedy ITSM, as shown in the following figure:

  • Click this icon to open the chat initiation window.
  • The color of the icon reflects your current chat status. Click the arrow beside the icon to view all chat conversations and to change your status. The status options are as follows:
    • Online
    • Busy
    • Away
    • Offline

The application displays a pop-up window when you receive an event like a chat invite or friend invite.

This section provides the following information about using chat:

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