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Creating group mappings to work with level-type approval processes

This topic provides an example of configuring group approver mappings to work with BMC Service Request Management.

To create group approvers for SRDs, users must be members of the same support group (for example, IT Hardware), and an approver must have the SRD Approver functional role. When an SRD requires group approval, one group member must approve the SRD before it can move to the next stage.

When an approver list includes functional roles (for example, the SRD Approval functional role), specific settings in the AP:Role form in the Approval Server determine whether the role is expanded to individual signature-line records for each member of the role, or a single signature-line record is created for the entire role.

In the Approval Server integration with BMC Service Request Management, the SRD Approval functional role maps to the SRD Approver role name in the Role form. (Select AP:Administration from the IT Home page. From the Role tab, select a role, and click View.) In the SRD Approver role, group approvals by default require that only one member of the support group must sign the approval to move the SRD to the next stage. For information about how the All Must Sign and If Multiple Approver settings are used in the Approval Server, especially if you require all members of a group to approve the request, see Setting up the approval process .

To create group mappings to work with level-type approval processes

  1. (SRD approvals only) Enable the Service Request Definition - Level phase.
  2. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. From the Application Settings list, choose Foundation >Advanced Options > Approval Process Configuration, and click Open.
  4. In the Approval Process Configuration form, search for the SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition form name.
    The two SRD approval process configuration records appear.
  5. Select the Service Request Definition - Ad Hoc approval configuration record, and select Offline for the status.
  6. Select the Service Request Definition - Level approval configuration record, and select Enabled for the status.
    This enables you to select the Service Request Definition - Level phase when you create an approver mapping.
  7. Save and close the form.
  8. From the Application Administration Console, choose Service Request Management >Approval > Approval Mappings, and click Open.
  9. In the Approval Mappings form, search for any individual mappings, and select Offline for their status.
    For the purposes of this example, do not combine individual and group approver mappings.
  10. In the Approval Indicator field, select which form this approver mapping will affect (for example, Service Request Definition).
  11. To begin creating an approver mapping, select Group in the Approval For field.
  12. Select a Support Company, Support Organization, and Support Group, and select a support group that includes people with the SRD Approver functional role.
    For example, the IT Hardware support group should include both Allen Allbrook and Ian Payment.
  13. In the Phase Name field, select which approval phase needs mapping in the application (for example, Service Request Definition - Level).
  14. Based on the option that you select for the Phase Name field, enter the required information, such as selecting the level of approvals.
    Depending on which mapping values you specify, different approvals are generated. For example, if you create two approval mappings with different levels (set the Level setting to 0 for the first support group and 1 for the second support group), when the first support group approves the Service Request Definition, the level 1 approval mapping is generated.
    When approver mappings are created, you do not need to enter values in all the fields on the Approver Mappings form.

  15. Search for the required individual mappings, and select Enabled for their status. 
  16. Click Save.
    When an SRD is moved to the Request for Approval state, the SRD cannot be deployed until the support group you set in this procedure approves the request.


To create a multiple-level group approver mapping, create another group approver mapping for another support group, and set the Level setting to 1. After the first support group (level 0) approves the SRD, the second level of approvers (level 1) must approve the SRD before it can be moved to the next stage.

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