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BMC Helix ITSM: Smart Reporting(Smart Reporting) is an easy-to-use, web-based report writer for non-technical users. Using Yellowfin technology as the platform, Smart Reporting offers drag-and-drop simplicity for formatting and data selection. You can use the tool to reuse components such as source connections and views. You can create rich data visualization, interactive charts, and cross-application reports.

You can use Smart Reporting to:

  • Add notes to specific time periods on a report.
  • Add comments to a report.
  • Start discussions related to a report within a group of users.
  • Broadcast reports at defined intervals.

The following diagram shows some of the key features of Smart Reporting:

Smart Reporting roles

Depending on the task you want to perform, click the links in the following blocks to get started with Smart Reporting:


Smart Reporting components

Smart Reporting includes the following components:



Use this section to manage the content, users, settings, and security in Smart Reporting.

Data Sources

A data source is a connection to a database that provides all the data to constitute reports. A reporting administrator creates a connection for each data source used to create reports. A data source can have many views and many reports based on it.


After a data source connection is created, a reporting administrator creates views based on it. A view is a metadata layer between the data source and the report. The view specifies the fields and logic required for users to build reports. A view can have many reports based on it.


A user can create a report based on a data source connection and a view. A report is a combination of fields, formatting, and charts. Multiple dashboard tabs and storyboards can use a particular report.

Dashboard tabs

A user can create a dashboard tab to display reports for a consumer. Dashboard tabs consist of multiple reports displayed in a way that is easy for a user to read and understand.


Storyboards are a presentation within Smart Reporting that enable users to combine fully functional reports with text, images, and videos.


A timeline is a collaborative feed that allows users to interact with each other and events that have occurred in the system.


Discussion streams are a collaborative feed for a particular topic and audience. Each stream is made up of posts that can contain reports, dashboard tabs, storyboards, images, and screenshots.


Anyone who logs in to Smart Reporting is considered a user. Depending on the roles and permissions, the users have different access to the components of Smart Reporting.


Tasks allow users to collaborate with other users by requesting and completing tasks. Tasks can be related to content creation or correction, or to actions to be completed outside of Smart Reporting.

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