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Creating a spot, categorical, or time KPI report

This topic discusses how you can create the following types of KPI reports:

  • Spot KPI report—Sets a KPI without displaying additional information, other than the value itself.
  • Categorical KPI report—Splits what is displayed on the tab into categories when viewed as a report. You can break up the value into categories for further examination.
  • Time KPI report—Shows a trend according to time-series data, rather than real-time trends. You can also show more details in the report (like a Categorical KPI).

To create a KPI report

  1. Click Filters >  Advanced Settings.
  2. Click Define Value, and select the required values.
  3. Click Submit
  4. In the Design tab, on the toolbar, click KPI .

  5. Enable the KPI Functionality option to display the components required for the KPI:
    1. Turn on the KPI Functionality toggle.
    2. Set the required KPI Type.
    3. Set the required KPI Metric.
    4. Set the required value for Desired Trend.
    5. Set the required Target Type and Target.
  6. Click Conditional Formatting .
    1. Select the column.
    2. Make the required changes in the Setup section.
  7. Click Report > Save.
  8. Enter a name and description for the KPI report.
  9. Set the required values for Folder and Sub Folder.
  10. Save the report.
    For more information about saving the report, see Saving and providing access to reports.

You can now add the KPI report to the KPI Dashboard tab. For more information, see  KPI Tabs Open link  in the Yellowfin documentation.

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