This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Smart Reporting.

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Perform the onboarding process to create a data source for your Remedy Smart Reporting reports, create a Remedy Smart Reporting client organization for each company (in a multitenant environment), add users to their respective client organizations, create a shared organization, populate the data source, and give access to users.

Before you begin, we recommend reading Overview of the user onboarding process and How multicompany user onboarding works.

Process for onboarding users and importing report content for Remedy Smart Reporting

1Remedy AR System administrator

(Optional) If secured login (https) is enabled on the Apache Tomcat server for Remedy Smart Reporting, make the necessary configuration changes.

If you are not using secured login, you can run the user onboarding process directly.

Note: If you configured the URL for secured login in a previous version of Remedy Smart Reporting and then upgraded Remedy Smart Reporting, the configuration settings are lost during the upgrade. You must reconfigure the URL for secured login.

Configuring the onboarding and content import link for secured login
2Remedy AR System administrator

Based on the deployment option you select, onboard users for a single company in your Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) environment or for multiple companies in your Remedy ITSM multicompany environment. The user onboarding process onboards users from Remedy Action Request System (Remedy AR System) to Remedy Smart Reporting.

Note: Complete the user onboarding process for all companies before you run the content import process.

Onboarding users by using the Remedy Smart Reporting Admin console
  • Remedy AR System administrator
  • Smart Reporting Admin user
  • Struct Admin with Smart Reporting Admin permissions

After you have onboarded all users in Remedy Smart Reporting, manually run the content import process. This process imports out-of-the-box reporting content from the Remedy AR System server to Remedy Smart Reporting. This process imports fresh and upgraded content from your Remedy applications in the following deployment scenarios:

  • A single company in a Remedy ITSM environment
  • Multiple companies in a multicompany Remedy ITSM environment

A Remedy Smart Reporting administrator can share common content, including the out-of-the-box content, with multiple tenants at the same time. For more information, see Synchronizing common content across multiple tenants.

Importing out-of-the-box content
4Remedy AR System administrator

Manually update the Remedy Mid Tier configuration to add the Remedy Smart Reporting server details.

Note: If you do not manually add the server details, an error is displayed when you try to access the Remedy Smart Reporting console from Remedy Mid Tier.

5Remedy Smart Reporting AdministratorFor a single-company environment or for multicompany environments, verify the success of the onboarding and content import processes.Verifying successful user onboarding and content import
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