This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Smart Reporting.

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20.02.01: Patch 1 for version 20.02

This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch, and provides instructions for on-premises deployment of Remedy Smart Reporting.

This release consolidates the hot fixes delivered for Remedy Smart Reporting version 20.02 and later into a single patch. You must apply this patch after you upgrade all the servers in a server group to version 20.02, because the BMC Remedy Deployment Application that deploys the patch on an individual server is a part of version 20.02.


Performance improvement for Report Design with Calculated Field

The following enhancements are made to the calculated fields:

  • At the time of creating a calculated field either in a view, or during a report creation, the user can select the return data type of the formula from the Resulting Field Type  drop down list. The supported data types are Auto Detect, Numeric, Text, Boolean, and Date. For more information, see Performing calculations on fields in a report.
  • At the time of creating a calculated field either in a view, or during a report creation, if the user selects the Resulting Field Type such as Numeric, Text, Boolean, or Date, the SQL formula skips validation, thereby improving the performance. However, if the user does not select the Resulting Field Type, the result type is auto detected and the SQL formula gets validated.

New broadcast option to save reports to a disk folder

You can broadcast reports to save directly to a disk at a shared location by using the Save To Disk Schedule broadcast option. Anyone who has access to the shared folder location can view this report. For example, if you create a broadcast to save the report of major incidents to a disk, an Incident Manager who has access to the shared location can access the report directly from that location. A Remedy Smart Reporting administrator can specify the location where you want to save the broadcasted reports. For more information, see Broadcasting reports to save to a disk.

Performance improvement for broadcasting through email

You can send a report with same data to multiple recipients through a single email as a carbon copy instead of multiple emails. This eliminates the need to run report for each recipient separately, thereby improving the performance of Remedy Smart Reporting application. Enable this functionality by running a query that puts all the recipients into the CC field instead of the To field of the email. For more information, see Broadcasting with recipients in the CC field.

View the status of previous executions of Broadcasts from the Admin Console

You can view the status of previous executions of a scheduled task for the last 30 days from the Admin Console, to see if the tasks were executed successfully or failed. For content delivering tasks such as broadcast reports, a list of recipients is maintained for each execution. You can use this list to track which users received the content successfully. If the content delivery fails for any user, you can also view the error message for the failed delivery. For more information, see Managing scheduled broadcast tasks.

Check data connectivity by enabling volatile data source settings

If the data source connectivity fails for any reason, it can cause various tasks to fail for that time period, such as execution of a report, loading a dashboard, running broadcasts. Due to this, users need to manually refresh the reports, dashboards, or rerun the broadcasts. To overcome this issue, a Remedy Smart Reporting administrator can enable the volatile data source capability. For more information, see Checking for volatile data source connections

Defect fixes

This patch includes fixes for Remedy Smart Reporting related defects. For more information about the defects fixed in this patch, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading and applying the patch for on-premises deployment

To download and apply the Remedy Platform package for this patch, see Applying the patch in the Remedy Deployment online documentation.

Applying the patch for BMC Helix ITSM subscribers

If you are a BMC Helix ITSM subscriber and want to apply the patch, you must request for an upgrade. For more information, see BMC Helix Upgrade policy  in the BMC Helix Subscriber Information documentation.

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