This documentation supports the 19.11 version of Remedy Smart Reporting, which is available only to BMC Helix subscribers (SaaS).
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Out-of-the-box BMC Service Desk Incident Management reports and dashboards

A user can use the following out-of-the-box Remedy Service Desk (Service Desk) Incident Management reports and dashboards to understand incident activity within the organization. 

Service Desk Incident Management reports

Report nameDescription
Incident Analysis by Support Hierarchy

Lists the current status of incidents (Open and Closed). This report is a bar chart with the following preconfigured drill-down configuration:

  • Top Level - Assigned Support Company
  • Next Level - Assigned Support Organization
  • Next Level - Assigned Group
  • Final Level - Assignee
Incident By Service TypeDisplays a pie chart of incidents split by Incident Type (User Service Request, User Service Restoration, Infrastructure Event and so on).
Incident CrosstabLists Incident Status (count) by Company, Submitter and Priority. You can drill down Incident Status for a detailed list of Incidents.
Incident DetailsSupplements the drill-down from the Incident dashboard and includes details such as Incident ID, Incident Description, Submitter, Owner Group, Company, Organization, Department, Impact, Priority, Assigned Group, Urgency, and Status.
Incident Submission TrendDisplays a trend chart of incidents submitted over time.
Incidents by Operational CategorizationLists the number of Incidents by Operational Categorization.
Incidents by ServiceDisplays a bar chart of the current status of incidents (Open and Closed) classified by Service.
Incidents Transfer Analysis

Lists the Incidents Transfer Analysis for changes to Assigned Group that exceed 5 times.

Open Incidents tied to ProblemsLists the number of open Incidents which are Related to Problems.
Top 10 CIs having most incidentsLists the CIs with highest count of incidents associated with them.
Top 5 Services having most incidentsLists the services with highest count of incidents associated with them.

Service Desk Incident Management KPI reports

The following out-of-the-box Service Desk Incident Management KPI reports are available.

Report nameDescription
Incident KPI MeterLists the percentage values for Overdue Incidents, SLA Met Incidents, Major Incidents, and Re-open Incidents against the total number of incidents.
Incident Submission and Closure by Support GroupDisplays the Bar and Line combination chart for the Number of Incidents Submitted versus the Number of Incidents Closed grouped by support group.
Incident Trend

Displays a trend chart for various Incident Management KPI's. The chart includes the following KPIs:

  • Incident Submitted
  • Major Incidents
  • Re-opened Incidents
  • Resolved Incidents
  • Closed Incidents
Incidents – Open Incidents within SVT and Breached SVT

Displays a column chart for Incident Management that shows the count of open incidents within SVT and with SVT breached by support group. This report includes the following KPIs:

  • Open Incidents – SVT Breached
  • Open Incidents – Within SVT
  • Resolved Incidents – SVT Breached
Open Incidents by Support Group (>10/30 Days)

Lists the count of open incidents that are older than 10 days and older than 30 days by support groups. This report includes the following KPIs:

  • Open Incidents (Older than 10 days)
  • Open Incidents (Older than 30 days)

Service Desk Incident Management dashboards

The Service Desk Incident Management dashboards are built with the following configuration:

Dashboard nameContent categoryContent sub categoryDashboard filtersDashboard description
Incident DashboardBMC Remedy Operational ReportingIncident Management
  • Submit Date
    • Default value—Last 3 months
  • Assignee Support Company

This dashboard includes a list of reports for the Incident Management process, for example:

  • Incidents Analysis by Support Hierarchy
  • Incident submission over a time
  • Incident Crosstab
Incidents KPIBMC Remedy Key Performance IndicatorsIncidents KPI
  • Sample Date
    • Stores the data collection date
    • Default value—Last 3 months

This dashboard includes some of the key performance indicators for Incident Management, for example:

  • Trend of Incidents over time
  • KPI Meter for Major Incident Rate
  • Reopened Incidents Rate
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