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XBM monitor

The XBM monitor provides records of activity and statistical information from the XBM subsystem.

You can display XBM monitor output on the screen, or you can print the output to the ISPF print data set.

The following table describes the types of information that the XBM monitor can record.

Type of information


Status and progress

These monitors display the current status and progress of snapshot utilities and suspend/resume groups. They also display information about storage devices and enable manipulation of supported intelligent storage devices.

Diagnostic trace

BMC Customer Support uses the diagnostic trace to help diagnose problems in the product.

Exception trace

BMC Customer Support uses the exception trace.

You can reset these statistics without restarting XBM, enabling you to measure performance on demand without negatively affecting XBM operation.

You can optionally record historical information about the subsystem’s operation to System Management Facilities (SMF) records. You can analyze these records to detect trends and to determine the effectiveness of XBM over time. For more information about SMF reporting, see Administering.

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