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Working with XBM components

Starting XBM automatically starts the XBM components.

When XBM is running, you can stop and start any component. If you stop components, the XBM subsystem remains active, but no objects are cached and no statistics are available. You can issue the STOP COMPONENT and START COMPONENT commands either through the XBM ISPF interface or the MVS system console.

When you first start XBM, it attempts to initialize each component, whether or not the component is licensed. An exception is the PSS component, which you must explicitly start the first time. XBM then records the license status of each component and issues message BMC73167E for unlicensed components. On subsequent startups, XBM attempts to initialize only licensed components. If you license a component at a later date, you must manually start the component by using the ISPF interface or the XBM START COMPONENT command to update the XBM license status for that component. The component then starts automatically on subsequent startups.


If you do not want a particular component to start when XBM starts, you can override the default behavior by specifying parameters in the XBMPROC. For more information about the XBMPROC, see Starting the ISPF interface.

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