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Using XBM in a parallel sysplex environment

The Parallel Sysplex Support (PSS) component allows you to perform snapshot processing in a DB2 sysplex or IMS data sharing environment.

When the PSS component is active and running in a sysplex, EXTENDED BUFFER MANAGER (XBM) subsystems communicate within the sysplex group and monitor shared table spaces.

To use the PSS component, you must complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Add the required XBM structures to your coupling facility resource manager (CFRM) policy.

  2. Install and initialize an XBM for DB2 subsystem on each CPU that is running DB2 in the sysplex or an XBM for IMS subsystem on each CPU that is running IMS.

  3. Specify appropriate values on the PSS Options subpanel through the XBM ISPF interface.

  4. Stop and restart the PSS component on each XBM subsystem.

These steps are required only in a data sharing environment. The following sections explain each of these steps in greater detail.

This topic also describes how to display PSS subsystem status and performance statistics.

This section contains the following topic:

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