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Using monitoring

The EXTENDED BUFFER MANAGER (XBM) product provides monitoring features that allow you to display the following information:

  • XBM status information through the consoles

  • Status of utility processing:

  • Status of certain snapshot-enabled utilities through the Utility monitor

    These utilities include the XBM utility program, BMC Next Generation Technology Copy for DB2 for z/OS, and REORG PLUS for DB2.

  • Information about supported intelligent storage devices through the Storage Systems Integration (SSI) monitor

  • Status of suspend/resume groups through the S/R monitor

In addition, the SSI monitor allows you to manage and manipulate the storage devices.


XBM also supports diagnostic and trace monitors, which BMC Support uses when diagnosing problems. For more information about these monitors, contact BMC Support.

This section provides introductory information about each type of monitors. For more in-depth information, see subsequent sections.

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