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Types of XBM commands

XBM provides commands that you can use through the ISPF interface command line or the IBM MVS console.

The following table describes the types of commands that are available.

Type of command


XBM MVS system console commands

By issuing XBM commands from your MVS console, you can perform some of the actions that you perform from the XBM ISPF interface.

XBM Fastpath commands

From the XBM ISPF interface, you can issue Fastpath commands that circumvent the XBM menus and speed your navigation through the ISPF interface.

Monitor commands for snapshot utilities

The XBM Utility monitor is a tool that XBM provides to monitor the progress of snapshot jobs. The monitor provides a direct pathway for routing commands to some snapshot utilities. Using the monitor, you can issue basic commands to control the progress of your snapshot jobs.

For more information about commands, see Command and syntax reference.

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