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Commands for managing XBM objects and subsystems

XBM supports launching the following XBM commands from the MVS console to manage XBM objects and subsystems:

The following figure introduces the syntax for these commands.

For XBM commands, ssid represents the name of the XBM subsystem, and xbmgroup represents the name of the cross-system coupling facility (XCF) group:

  • The XBM subsystem ID must be different than the DB2 subsystem ID and any other XBM subsystem IDs.

  • The XBMGROUP name should be at least five characters in length; otherwise, XBM interprets this name as an SSID.

You can use XBM pattern-matching characters for configurations, management sets, component names, subsystem IDs, and XCF group names.


The DISPLAY, START, and STOP commands apply to either 'XBM' as a whole or to an individual component. The components to which these commands apply include the DB2, IMS, PSS, SSI, and VSAM components.

XBM commands


You can use the first three letters of the command name as a shortcut to typing the entire command (for example, type SEN to use the SEND command or STA to use the START command).

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