This documentation supports the 22.1 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT. To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

The documentation for BMC Helix ITSM 23.3.00 has changed. To understand the changed documentation structure see, Where did the Smart IT documentation go? Open link  

Smart IT troubleshooting

This topic contains troubleshooting tips for issues you might encounter in Smart IT.

Troubleshooting information for provider action

Filter log: You should check the filter log to ensure that the back-end filter is executed. In server group environment, Filter Log should be enabled on all AR System server (AR System Management Console > AR System Server Group Console > Logs > Logs Management).

Console log: You can check the Console log to see the fields that have changed while executing the provider action. When any expression is executed, the smartit/app/?debug-1 parameter in the URL displays the result in the Console. You can view the browser console log from the Developer Tools by pressing the F12 function key.

For more information on AR server logs, see  Analyzing logs Open link .  

Smartit log: You can check the smartit log for any other error, like provider error. 

BMC Helix ITSM filter: You can also check the filter that you have created while performing the steps documented in the Configuring provider actions in Smart IT.

Value of keys if the entitlement files has spaces in it

Make sure to remove the spaces before and after the string values.

iCloud configuration is not enabled for Smart IT provisioning profile

Open your Smart IT provisioning profile in a text editor. Search key. It should have identifier that you have created under the iCloud containers on Apple development portal. If it is not there, then see the To create an iCloud container section in the Preparing to re-sign and rebrand Smart IT on Apple iOS

Bundle identifier is wrong

You need to check the bundle identifier mentioned in the configuration tab of the re-signing project. Also, check the bundle identifier in the entitlement files.


Bundle identifier is case sensitive.

Enterprise account is not being used

Check your Membership information section in the Apple developer portal. It should have your program type information. The Program Type should be Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

Group configuration is not enabled for Smart IT

Open your Smart IT provisioning profile in a text editor. Search key. It should have an identifier that you have created under the App Groups on Apple development portal. If it is not there, then see the To create an App group section in the Preparing to re-sign and rebrand Smart IT on Apple iOS topic.

BMC Digital Workplace service request is not found in Smart IT

While searching BMC Digital Workplace Catalog service request in Smart IT, if you cannot find it in Smart IT, search the service request in the SBE:Request vendor form. If the service request is not available in the vendor form, that means that service request does not exist. Search by service request ID or by name. In the vendor form, % search does not work.

Test connection failure in BMC Digital Workplace service request

In case of test connection failure in the SBE:ConnectionConfig form of BMC Helix ITSM, check the following log file to find out the failure reason:


You can also generate a log file for the BMC Digital Workplace requests. For more information, see Working with logs.

Session Time-out is not working

To make the session timeout work properly, use CCS parameter to configure the Session Time-out. For more information, see Configure Smart IT session time-out in minutes.

Added custom fields to Asset View are not visible in Smart IT

  • If a field is a part of the AST:Attributes form and if it exists in the AST:BaseElement form as well as in any other asset class (like AST:Printer), it becomes available for customization only for the Generic Area in Smart IT and not for the Type-Specific Area.
  • If you have created a required field in the AST:Attributes form, you need to ensure that it is either present in all the asset classes or there is a mechanism set up for the default value.

Failure in adding a new style in the Knowledge Template Style

While adding a new style, in the Additional CSS Styling, the limit is set as 255 on the database table column. If it crosses this limit, you get the following error:


Please run the alter command in your environment to increase character limit of style column as per your requirement:

Alter table [SmartIT].[SmartIT_Business].[KNOWLEDGE_TEMPLATESTYLE] ALTER Column STYLE nvarchar(<your preferred limit>);

Error in the Update Assignment screen in Android mobile client  

In the Smart IT Android mobile client, Company, Organization and Groups selections are available on a single Update Assignment screen.

When the chunk size exceeds the value specified in Centralized Configuration, the following message is displayed:

Too many entries to display all. Start typing to filter the list.

Error while displaying the primary contact for an asset 

After creating an asset and associating it to a user with any role relationship in Smart IT, if the login ID of this person is removed by using the Change to Non Support or Remove Login ID option in the CTM:People form in Mid Tier, the primary contact field shows the following error on refreshing the asset in Smart IT:

You do not have permission to view the owner.

Workaround: In Mid Tier, open the CTM:People form, and search for the person whose login ID was removed. Delete the asset relationship from the people profile and add it again.

Error in the incident view widget configuration

If you remove the Affected Service widget, add the Service member field, and save the view, after opening an Incident, if you type a search text on the Service field, it does not return any response.


  1. Create a new regular character field (for example, NewDataSetID) on HPD:Help Desk form.
  2. Use this field in the Menu qualification in place of the current display-only field.
  3. Bring the above field in the Incident View in Smart IT, and set properties hidden=true & set value =‘BMC.ASSET’.

In BMC Helix ITSM, as you have changed the menu qualification to use the new character field, the value needs to be populated by using the active link/filter.

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