This documentation supports the 21.3 version of BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT.

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Troubleshooting issues while adding custom fields

After you add custom fields to BMC Helix ITSM forms in Developer Studio, sometimes the metadata is not refreshed in Smart IT. As a result, the custom field are unavailable to add by selection, or the custom field menu does not load in Smart IT. Use this information to understand and resolve the problem or to create a BMC Support case.


  • The Asset selection menu in Screen Configuration does not load.
  • The database table has corrupt or duplicate records.
  • Some fields are missing in Screen Configuration in Smart IT.
  • Field data is inaccurate.


  • One or more users experience these problems.
  • In a Server Group environment, these problems could affect one or more servers.


Perform the following steps to clear the metadata if you're unable to add a custom field:


Verify if the custom field is added correctly in Developer Studio.

To verify if the custom fields are added correctly to Asset View and Incident View, see the following videos:

Adding custom fields to your views using Smart IT


Check for common mistakes in the custom fields.

Perform the following checks:

  • The custom field must not include " _c" in its label on the Developer Studio forms.
  • The custom field has the same database ID across all forms in Developer Studio.

Recreate the field metadata on the associated Smart IT forms.

  1. Log in to Mid Tier.
  2. Open the SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes form (fields added to BMC Helix ITSM applications) or the SMT:Administration: Asset Customized Data Source Attributes form (for fields added to the Asset View).
  3. Find the required field by searching for the associated Field ID, Attribute Name, Field name, or use the Data Source ID list to narrow results.

  4. Verify if you have selected the correct record by referencing the Data Source ID on the SMT:Administration: Application Data Sources form.
    The Data Source ID must match the custom field name.

  5. Delete the record on the SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes form related to your custom field.

  6. Restart the Smart IT service.
  7. Log in to Smart IT and navigate to Screen Configuration.

  8. Refresh the metadata.

  9. Check if you can see the custom field.


Clean up the form data and the database table if the Asset selection menu is not displayed.

  • Delete all records from the SMT:Administration: Asset Customized Data Source Attributes form.
  • Delete all data from the SmartIT_Business.CUSTOMIZATION_CELL_EXTENSION table by using the following command:
  • Delete all data from the SmartIT_Business.CUSTOMIZATION_AREA_CELL table where AREA_PK is
     set to 27 or 28 by using the following query:
  •  Restart the Smart IT Tomcat service.

5Create a BMC Support Case.

Collect and send all available Smart IT logs with detailed information when creating a case with BMC Support.

Provide the following information as part of your case:

  •  Any error messages received or observed
  •  Attach the zip file containing all logs to your case.

You can attach a zip file of up to 2 GB.

For more information, see SFT - Steps to send logs, files, screenshots to BMC Support for a Remedy Product related case. Open link

After you determine a specific symptom or error message, use the following table to identify the solution:

  • A field value in Incident View disappears when you refresh the incident or edit the ticket in Smart IT.
  • After you save a ticket, if you refresh or edit a ticket, the value in the custom field disappears from Smart IT, but is still visible in BMC Helix ITSM.

Verify the form data.

Knowledge Article 000138669 Open link

You are unable to access Type Specific Area in Screen Configuration > Asset View. Depending on the browser version, when you try to access this area, the Asset View > Type-Specific Area blade is not displayed or it takes a long time to appear.Clear the metadata.

Knowledge Article 000144546 Open link

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