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Using Live Chat to interact with users

BMC Live Chat is a modern agent workspace where users can chat with a live agent and get their issues resolved.

End users can log in to the Self Service Portal and chat with a support agent who is logged in to Smart IT. Users can also have real-time conversations with support agents if BMC Helix Chatbot cannot understand the user's intent or provide sufficient information to respond to the user's request. When users start a conversation, they are routed to a support agent through BMC Live Chat in Smart IT. Users can start a live chat from the web UI of BMC Helix Chatbot only.

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An employee within an organization is having problems installing software and wants to request assistance. The employee uses the Self Service Portal or BMC Helix Chatbot to initiate the request.

The following illustration describes a typical chat session:

  1. The self-service user logs on to Self Service Portal or BMC Helix Chatbot to raise the service request.
  2. The support agent is logged on from Smart IT and sees the chat request from the self-service user. The agent accepts the request and engages in a live chat conversation with the user.
  3. The support agent creates an incident for this issue in Smart IT.
  4. The support agent checks for resources and provides a knowledge article to help him with the software installation.
  5. The user uses the article and installs the software successfully.
  6. The support agent closes the chat session and marks the incident as resolved.


Task ActionReference

As an administrator, enable the integration of BMC Live Chat with Smart IT.

Integrating Smart IT with Live Chat
2As a user, start a live chat to discuss issues with support agents. Interacting with users on Live Chat


Live chat enables the following benefits:

  • Escalates the user's issues to support agents seamlessly.
  • Retains the user's chat history.
  • Supports customers in need of help more efficiently.
  • Users receive a faster service compared to phone and email, which can take a significant amount of time.
  • Provides a personalized customer service and increases customer satisfaction.

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Interacting with users on Live Chat

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