This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Integrating Smart Recorder with phone systems

If your help desk phone system integrates with other web tools, you can configure it to start Smart Recorder directly from the phone system UI.

When you start Smart Recorder from the phone system, Smart Recorder opens with the customer name already loaded. Depending on how the integration is configured, the phone system can also provide Smart Recorder with contact and description details.

To configure your phone system to integrate with Smart IT

To configure your phone system software to open Smart Recorder directly from the phone system's UI, you must provide the phone system's integration point with the following information:

  • The Smart Recorder URL; for example, http://<<host:port>>/smartit/app/#/create/smart-recorder.
  • Which unique identifier to use for the affected customer. Typically, you use one of the following unique fields from the BMC Remedy ITSM People information:
    • Corporate ID
    • Login ID
    • Email Address

Optionally, you can also configure the phone system to display the following information:

  • Contact (a person calling on behalf of the affected customer, for which you use the same unique identifier that you use for the affected customer) 
  • Description


    If the phone system software also has IVR capabilities, it can pass a verbal description of the issue to Smart Recorder as text.

Example URL to pass information from the phone system to Smart IT

The following example URL passes the customer name, description, and contact information from a phone system to Smart IT: 

Blank spaces in the URL

When entering a blank space in the URL, you can enter it as plain text or use %20.

For example, either of the following ways to enter a blank space will work:

  • Enter blank spaces as shown here
  • Enter%20blank%20spaces%20as%20shown%20here

Smart Recorder behavior when opened from a phone system integration

The following points describe how Smart Recorder behaves when you open it from a phone system integration:

  • If Smart Recorder can identify the customer, it opens with the customer details expanded.
  • If Smart Recorder can identify only the contact (where the integration is configured to use the contact), it opens with the contact details expanded.
  • If the integration is configured to include a description and one is provided, Smart Recorder places the description in the free-form text-input area.
  • If both a customer and a description are provided, Smart Search automatically starts to look for other system resources and suggests knowledge articles and similar, resolved tickets that might help the service desk agent resolve the current issue.


The service desk agent can manually edit or update any of the information in Smart Recorder that comes from the phone integration.

Troubleshooting missing information in Smart Recorder

The following points can help you troubleshoot the phone system integration from the Smart IT side.


If Smart Recorder opens without customer information or contact information (assuming that the integration is configured to include contact information), one of the following issues might have occurred:

  • The search run by Smart IT returned multiple results from the search argument. In this case, the identifier you are using to identify customers and contacts is not unique. Either update the People record for the customer and contact so that the identifier used by the integration is unique to that record, or reconfigure the integration to use a different unique identifier field.
  • The unique identifier field used by the integration to identify the customer or the contact is blank on the customer's or the contact's People record. 


The service desk agent can manually enter the customer and contact information

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