This documentation supports the 2.0 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Troubleshooting Smart Recorder issues

When you use Smart Recorder, you might face issues such as Smart Recorder not retrieving correct templates, knowledge articles, or service requests. Use this information to understand and resolve the problem or to create a BMC Support case.


  • Smart Recorder does not retrieve suggested data.
  • Smart Recorder search retrieves incorrect results.
  • Smart Recorder takes a long time to retrieve search results.
  • Smart Recorder displays error messages when performing a Full text search (FTS) or Global search.


  • One or more users experience the problem.
  • In a server group environment, these problems might impact one or more servers.


Perform the following steps to troubleshoot the Smart Recorder issues:




1Try to reproduce the issue.

Enter several different terms in Smart Recorder. 

If Smart Recorder does not suggest any templates, ensure that the templateSearchByAuthoringGroup property is set to False. If this property is set to True, template suggestion in Smart Recorder is limited to only those templates that match the support group to which the user belongs.


Open Chrome Developer Tools and check the response.

  1. Enter a search string in the Global search field or in Smart Recorder.
  2. Use the F12 key to enable the browsers developer tools
  3. Check the /ux/rest/globalsearch response.
3Check the search results by running the search directly on the MFS:MultiFormSearch form.

In Remedy Mid Tier, open the MFS:MultiFormSearch form and search for the same keyword used in Global search and check the results.

4Log in to Remedy IT Service Management and check whether you are able to perform Global search.
Check if the application retrieves any search results.
5Change the log level of the UX or Smart IT log to DEBUG.
  1. Open the logback.xml file located under /Apache Software Foundation/Tomcat8.0/external-conf/

  2. Find the following line for the default logger:

    <logger name="com.bmc.bsm" level="INFO">
    <appender-ref ref="FILE"/>
  3. Change the level to DEBUG and save the file.

    <logger name="com.bmc.bsm" level="DEBUG">
    <appender-ref ref="FILE"/>

    After you capture the problem, change the value back to WARN or INFO to turn off logging.

6Check the response from the Global search in the UX or Smart IT log.

Check for the word ERROR in the ux.log or smartit.log and verify if the response of the ux/rest/globalsearch REST call shows status as 500. 

17:26:48.035 |  RID: 27 | DEBUG   | c.b.b.myit.filter.ExpiresFilter | Request '/ux/rest/globalsearch' with response status '500' content-type 'application/json;charset=utf-8', set expiration date Wed Apr 11 17:26:48 AEST 2018

7Smart Recorder searches take a long time.

If searches in Smart Recorder take a long time to retrieve results, you can improve the search performance by modifying parameters in Server Group Configuration.

  1. Select Remedy Management Console > AR System Server Group Console > Server Group Configuration.

  2. Set the value of the isExclude_TAG_and_CI_ID and useLeadingSearchForAsset parameters to True.


Review the Remedy AR System configuration. Determine if the search is performed from indexer server or searcher (user-facing) server.

Verify the FTS configuration. For more information, see  Troubleshooting FTS configuration issues . 

  1. For searches run from the indexer server, see Troubleshooting full text search

  2. For searches run from the searcher server, see  How do I enable Debug FTS Plugin logs in ARSystem 1805 and above? .


In the server where the search is being performed, enable API and SQL logging. 

For Load Balanced environments, enable API and SQL logging from all user facing servers in the group. For more information, see Enabling server-side AR System logs .

  1. Enable debug searcher logging from indexer server.
  2. Remove any old or unneeded logs from ..\db directory to reduce the size of the file being sent to BMC Support.
  3. Rename log files to identify the pertinent logs.
  4. Ensure that the log files include the time period when the issue was reproduced.

Reproduce the issue in both Smart IT and Remedy IT Service Management and note search-related information.

Enable logs and reproduce the problem. 
If you are unable to reproduce the problem, wait until the problem occurs on its own.

When you replicate the issue in both Smart IT and Remedy IT Service Management, provide the following information to BMC Support:

  • Name of the user who executed the search

  • The search criteria used
  • Time period when the problem occurred


Analyze Java heap stack if you encounter any of the following problems:

  • Increase in Java heap size
  • AR System Server stops responding
  • FTS Plug-in Server stops responding

Use a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or other appropriate tools to obtain a heap dump or thread dump as necessary. Collect the dump files when you observe any issue. 

See the following knowledge articles for more information about collecting a heap or thread dump:

  • Collecting a Heap or Thread dump of the ARServer
  • Collecting a Heap or Thread dump of the FTS Plugin Server

Disable logging.

Allow three to five minutes for log buffering before running the Log Zipper utility. Use steps listed in the Enabling server-side AR System logs to disable logging.


Collect the logs.

Copy logs to another location where you can view them. Make sure that the logs are not overwritten.

Review the symptoms and error messages. Use the information in this table to troubleshoot the issue.


Create a BMC Support case.

Collect and send logs and detailed information when creating a case with BMC Support:

  1. Provide the following information as part of your case:
    • Name of the user who performed the search
    • The search criteria used
    • Time when the problem occurred
    • Any error messages received
    • Include the pluginsvr_config.xml file from the ..\pluginsvr\fts\secondary directory.
    • If there is more than one indexer, include all indexers
  2. Run the Log Zipper utility on each affected indexer server and select Zip Logs.
    For more information aboutn how to run the Log Zipper utility using the maintenance tool, see  BMC Remedy AR System Maintenance tool .
  3. Attach the ZIP file to your case.
    You can attach a ZIP file up to 2 GB. You can also upload the files on FTP. For more information, see How to use BMC's Managed File Transfer (MFT) to send log files to BMC Support to comply with GDPR policies.
14Analyze the logs.

You can review the logs to identify error messages or behaviors. Use the information in the following table to help identify possible symptoms and solutions.

  After you determine a specific symptom or error message, use the following table to identify the solution:

Knowledge articles are displayed in the Recommended Articles section of the Smart Recorder even after they are retired.Smart RecorderEnsure that you have applied the latest hotfix available for Smart IT 1.6.


In Smart Recorder, untitled templates are displayed for selection.Smart RecorderContact BMC Support to get build 150 patch for Smart IT 2.0.SW00554899
Service request templates are not displayed correctly.Smart Recorder

If you cannot see a service request template for a customer, check the following items:

  • Does the customer's People record include a login ID? 
    The Smart Recorder uses the customer's login ID to show available service request templates for that person. For more information, see  Configuring people information.
  • Is the customer entitled to see the service request template?
    For more information about service request entitlements, see Submitting service requests.
Submitting service requests
Slow performance while creating a ticket from Smart Recorder, no issues from Remedy IT Service Management.Smart RecorderContact BMC Support to get the latest patch for Smart IT 2.0.SW00549895
Smart Recorder Search by Company (#Company) is not working on Internet Explorer.Smart RecorderContact BMC Support to get the latest patch for Smart IT 2.0.SW00545942
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