This documentation supports the 2.0 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

System requirements for Smart IT

Before you install the product, make sure that your environment meets the hardware and software requirements, as described in Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 Compatibility (PDF).

Best practice

BMC recommends installing Remedy with Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace on a dedicated server. To avoid issues and improve performance, do not install on application servers, such as BMC Remedy Mid Tier.

This table lists the supported BMC Remedy ITSM versions for each Smart IT version.

Smart IT version

BMC Remedy ITSM version

2.09.1 to 9.1.04
1.68.1 (all service packs) through 9.1.04


8.0 (all service packs) through 9.1.04


8.0 (all service packs) through 9.1.04


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.1.04


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.1.04


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.0 (all service packs)


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.0 (all service packs)


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.0


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.0


7.6.04 Service pack 2 through 9.0


The Smart IT universal client is not supported on mobile browsers.

To get complete compatibility information, use the BMC Solution and Product Availability and Compatibility Utility on the Product Availability and Compatibility page.

BMC Digital Workplace has additional requirements. For more information, see Compatibility matrix in the BMC Digital Workplace Online Documentation.

Browser zoom level

The recommended browser zoom level is 100%.

Compatibility exceptions

  • With Tomcat 8.0.24, users have login issues. Install any other version of Tomcat 8.0.xx.
  • iOS: SmartIT cannot be installed on OS version 8.0.2. The OS version must be 8.1 or later.
  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management version 9.0 requires version - 64-bit Production Oracle database. Remedy with Smart IT can be installed for earlier versions of BMC Remedy ITSM. If BMC Remedy ITSM uses an earlier version of the Oracle database, the BMC Knowledge Management features will not be supported.
  • The camera application on the Nexus device with Android OS 5.1.1 crashes when you try to take a picture and insert it in a knowledge article. To avoid this issue, BMC recommends that you upgrade the Android OS to 6.0.
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  1. Roberto Perez


    Smart IT Support Android 8?


    Jan 09, 2019 06:26
    1. Dhanya Menon

      Hello Robert,

      Smart IT 2.0 supports Android 5.1 and higher.

      For more information, please refer to the Compatibility Matrix, which is attached at the top of this topic.


      Dhanya Menon

      Jan 23, 2019 04:36