This documentation supports the 2.0 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Smart IT 2.0 troubleshooting

This topic contains troubleshooting tips for issues you might encounter in Smart IT 2.0.

Fresh Install of SmartIT 2.0 Installation fails with AR 18.05 and ITSM 9.1.04

Refer to KBA #000155309.

Installation is interrupted

While installing Smart IT, the AR attachment security remains disabled. In case of interruption (For example, system crash, power failure etc.) in installation process, you need to manually enable the security if it was enabled while initiating the installation. You can set the value of Attachment-Ext-Filter parameter to 1 in the ar.cfg file.This file is available at the following path:

\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\Conf> 

Alternatively, you can follow these steps to manually enable the security:

  1. In ITSM, select AR System Administration Console from the AR System Administration application.

  2. From General, select Server Information.

  3. Click Attachment Security tab.

  4. Select the Allow attachment with following extensions option in the Attachment criteria and provide the file extensions.

This is applicable for both the patch and the main installation.

Failure in UX patch installation

When you use a pre-created database, the AR admin must have the following privilege:

You can run the following Oracle command to validate whether users can install the UX patch:

   privilege from   dba_tab_privs
  privilege    = 'EXECUTE'
AND table_name = 'DBMS_LOB' ;
GRANTEE                        PRIVILEGE
----------------------- -------------------
ARADMIN                        EXECUTE

If you don’t have the Execute privilege, you can grant it by using the following command:

Grant Permission
SQL> grant execute on dbms_lob to aradmin;
Grant succeeded.

Session Time-out is not working

To make the session timeout work properly, add the following code in Smart_IT_Install_Directory/ux/WEB-inf/web.xml and restart Smart IT:

v2/following/stream string under notRefreshingSessionUrls section

Failure in Smart IT installation

  • The DefaultWeb Path field should contain Mid-tier URL before running SmartIT stand alone installer. In Mid-Tier, this field is available at AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console > System > General > Server Information > Advanced
  • Smart IT Administrator need to check the attachment size mentioned in AR configuration parameter Max Attach Size, before running the installer. If you need to support all sizes, it is recommended to set 0.

Failure in running Smart IT utility for data migration

  • Before running the migration, check the MIG:SmartIT Audit form for which task you are running. The Status of the job should display Staged. As Smart IT 2.0 is supporting data migration for Incident and Change Management tickets, the Datasource field should display one of these two ticket types.
  • While running the job, check readme.txt file carefully. Smart IT utility tool for data migration will fail if you switch the properties. For example, there are two critical properties: HR (Hard Reset) and M (Migration). 
    • For migration only, HR should be set as False and M should be set as True.
    • For hard reset only, HR should be set as True and M should be set as False.
  • For any error, check MIG:SmartIt Error Log form. The error log message displays the exact error. Check the log folder where a log file is generated while executing the data migration utility (AR_SmartIT_migrate_<date>).
  • Data are migrated from Smart IT database to ITSM. So, while running the data migration utility, Smart IT database, ITSM and common Smart IT server should be running.

Migrated information is not reflecting in Smart IT

After executing the migration process, click Refresh Metadata in Smart IT. If you don't click Refresh Metadata, the migration information may not be reflected in Smart IT.

Failure in BMC Remedy Deployment Application

You may get an error message while creating your first package. It is recommended to refresh the information and create another package.

Added custom fields to Asset View are not visible in Smart IT

  • If a field is a part of the AST:Attributes form and if it exists in the AST:BaseElement form as well as in any other asset class (like AST:Printer), it becomes available for customization only for the Generic Area in Smart IT and not for the Type-Specific Area.
  • If you have created a required field in the AST:Attributes form, you need to ensure that it is either present in all the asset classes or there is a mechanism setup for the default value.

The Deployment application is stopped

The filedeployer folder is located under the Smart_IT_MyIT folder within your Smart IT installation folder.

Use the following steps if the Java version is updated and the Deployment application is stopped:

  1. Navigate to the SMARTIT_HOME\Smart_IT\filedeployer\conf folder.
  2. Open armonitor.cfg file.
  3. Update the JRE path in the armonitor.cfg file.
  4. Open the command prompt from this location:
  5. Set the value of the JAVA_HOME environment variable to your JRE installation path.
  6. Run the following command to start the Deployment application:
    • (Windows) filedeployer.bat start 
    • (Linux) start
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