This documentation supports the 2.0 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Packaging and deploying Smart IT customization and definitions

You can package and transfer Smart IT screen configuration customizations and screen level action information from a source computer to a destination computer by using the BMC Remedy Deployment Application. For example, you can configure Smart IT screens and screen level actions, like the Provider Action, on your test computer and then transfer the configuration data to a production computer. For more information, see the topics listed in the Related topics. For more information, see  Defining a package .


  • To execute BMC Remedy Deployment Application for Smart IT, BMC SmartIT_MyIT File Deployer service should be running on your computer and your ITSM version should be ITSM 9.1 SP4. The filedeployer folder is located under the Smart_IT_MyIT folder within your Smart IT installation folder. You need to execute the batch file if your Java gets updated and the deployment application is stopped.

  • Only global level provider action can be transferred by using the BMC Remedy Deployment Application. If a provider action is configured at a specific field, then that field level provider action is transferred while transferring the field information.
  • While exporting the field information in the AR System Deployment Management Console form, the field ID is displayed in the Name column of the FND:SmartIT Layout Object Search Dialog box.

  • If you select Provider Action from the Object Type menu, the Incident Create and Change create screen options appear in the search result, but these options are not applicable for Provider Actions.

  • To import Provider Action information, first import Provider Action Template, complete the process, and then execute the same process again by selecting Provider Action. To import a custom field information, you need to import the corresponding ITSM field first.
  • Packaging and deploying can only be done for the same version of the product.

The following limitations apply when you are packaging and deploying Smart IT customization and definitions:

  • Currently, transferring the field group information is not supported.
  • The Ticket Console customization information cannot be packaged and deployed by the BMC Remedy Deployment Application.
  • Currently, Smart IT displays all modified panels in the Panel list, instead of displaying the panels related to the selected Object Type.

Troubleshooting Information

For troubleshooting information, see, Smart IT 2.0 troubleshooting.

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