This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Setting up authentication for change request approvers

An IT Service Management administrator can configure whether authentication is required for change approvals. Optionally, you can configure whether to use Remedy Single Sign-On for authentication.

In Remedy IT Service Management on the Basic tab of the AP:ProcessDefinition form, as an administrator, you can can set Require Password? to Yes for authenticating the reviewer when reviewing change requests that are moved to the following processes:

  • Change Level CI-IA - Business
  • Change Level CI-IA - Close Down
  • Change Level CI-IA - Implementation
  • Change Level CI-IA - Review

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BMC Remedy Single Sign-On

To reflect this update, you can either wait for a maximum 30 minutes, or you can manually clear the Smart IT cache. For more details, see Clearing the Smart IT cache.

Based on whether Remedy Single Sign-On is integrated or not, approvers must either authenticate themselves with their Smart IT login credentials or their Remedy Single Sign-On credentials.

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